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Using a Singing Bowl With Water

Using a Singing Bowl With Water

In ancient Eastern cultures, it is believed that sound and vibrations can help purify and rejuvenate the body and mind, and thereby improve health and well being. Such sounds and vibrations can be created by various instruments, including singing bowls.

Some practitioners also believe that the quality of water can be improved by charging it using the vibrations created by playing a singing bowl. In this blog post, we explore the practice of charging water using a singing bowl.

Benefits of Charging Water Using Singing Bowls

When a singing bowl is played, the movement creates sound and vibrations that reverberate throughout the bowl. When you pour water inside the bowl and play it, the water will begin to vibrate and create waves and droplets that are a spectacular sight to behold.

one hand holding singing bowl other hand holding mallet circling the rim

In particular, when you play the bowl by rubbing its rim with the mallet, the water inside the bowl will begin to resonate with the vibrations as the sound waves move through the water. This will manifest itself in a rippling movement and water droplets will start leaping out of the water. This occurrence produces a gentle but mesmerizing sound akin to raindrops and water ripples.

Listening to sounds that are organic and natural, such as the resonance produced by the water in a singing bowl, can be very relaxing and help lower stress levels. Studies have discovered that the sounds of nature help the body decrease the sympathetic response that causes the “fight or flight” reaction, and increases the parasympathetic response which works to help the body relax and function in normal circumstances.

In addition, some practitioners believe that drinking or cleaning oneself with water that is charged using a singing bowl can provide the body with special healing benefits. This stems from the belief of some practitioners that singing bowls can be used to charge objects and infuse them with the energy and properties of sound. Sound can be a vessel of energy that carries healing and revitalizing qualities.

Some practitioners also believe that water charged with a singing bowl is not only beneficial to humans but to flora as well. You can try pouring the water from your singing bowl into your potted plants after you have finished your meditation session. Some practitioners believe that the plants absorb the positive vibrations, which helps them grow.

How to Charge Water with Singing Bowls

blue water ripples pattern close up view

It is very easy to charge water using your singing bowl.

It is recommended that you pour enough water to fill the bowl at half of its capacity. Be careful not to pour too much water into your bowl, or else you may have a difficult time playing the singing bowl as it may continuously spill. Doing so may also mute the sound of your bowl and decrease the vibrations.

There are two methods to charge water using your singing bowl, and these two methods can also be applied in combination with each other.

The first method is to take your mallet and circle the bowl’s rim. After circling the rim a few times, sound waves should soon be visible on the water’s surface. Intensifying the circling movement around the rim will cause droplets to emerge.

The more intense the circling movement around the bowl’s rim, the more you will see patterns in the water begin to emerge. After enough time has passed, you should reach a  point where the water becomes unstable and droplets begin to form and become suspended at the center of the bowl or jump out of the water’s surface.  

The second method of charging water using your singing bowl is to strike the bowl’s rim with your mallet. This will produce patterns on the water’s surface and will be observable through the nodal points where the sound waves manifest. The first point is where the mallet hit the bowl, and the second point is exactly opposite to the first point. The third and fourth points will be located at the two points where the first and second points meet halfway.

The sound produced while there is water inside the bowl can be very therapeutic for the body. However, you should be cautious about drinking water that has been stored within your singing bowl. In some cases, certain metals in your singing bowl can leach into the water, which may make it unsuitable to drink.

Various studies have been conducted to scientifically explain what happens when water is affected by the vibrations of singing bowls. Science indicates that sound waves that are visible in the water are essentially created when the bowl’s sides become excited by vibrations caused by playing the singing bowl.

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Mar 21, 2022 • Posted by Andrea Hume

Good info

Aug 01, 2020 • Posted by Shanti Bowl

HI Kshitij, thanks for your message! Pouring water into a singing bowl does not prevent it from singing and resonating, so it sounds like there is something wrong with your bowl. We would recommend you do your research before purchasing a singing bowl, as many sellers out there sell low quality bowls. Hope that helps and good luck!

Aug 01, 2020 • Posted by Kshitij

My singing bowl doesnt resonate or vibrate at all when i pour water …i have poured water exactly how i have seen in video and blogs ….is there a solution to this ?

Mar 09, 2020 • Posted by Shanti Bowl

Hi Amarjeet, we recommend clockwise!

Mar 09, 2020 • Posted by Amarjeet Singh

In which direction Mallett to move clockwise or counterclockwise

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