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Best Tibetan Singing Bowl Music

Best Tibetan Singing Bowl Music

We think you'd agree with us when we say that singing bowl music can be very relaxing. But what are the best kinds of singing bowl music and what are the best places to find it? In this blog post, we reveal the different kinds of singing bowl music and outline our list of the top 11 free singing bowl recordings available online. At the end of the post, we will also explain why playing an actual singing bowl can have greater benefits than simply listening to recordings. Read on!


Tibetan singing bowls, sometimes called Himalayan bowls or simply singing bowls, are known for their harmonic, calming sounds. As such, this instrument has been used for hundreds of years in Buddhist temples accompanying chants and meditations. Today, Tibetan singing bowl music can be enjoyed by anyone seeking calming, meditative sounds. Whether you are studying, working, meditating or preparing to sleep, Tibetan singing bowl music can be enjoyed in your day-to-day life. Singing bowls have also become very important instruments in sound baths, which are increasing in popularity.

Finding free singing bowl playlists and videos online is easy but can be potentially overwhelming due to the sheer number of videos and playlists out there. What are the best playlists? Are there different kinds of singing bowl music for different occasions? Do you enjoy the sounds of only singing bowls or do you enjoy them along with other instruments and sounds? These are the questions we hope to answer in this guide! Whether you are new to singing bowls or have owned one for years, keep reading to discover some of the best Tibetan singing bowl music on the internet. 

This guide includes the following:

  • What are the different kinds of Tibetan singing bowl music? 
  • Why should you listen to singing bowl music?
  • What are the best available singing bowl music recordings found online for free? 
    • Top 11 List of Free Tibetan Singing Bowl Recordings
  • What is the best way to enjoy singing bowl music?

What are the Different Kinds of Tibetan Singing Bowl Music?

There are several different types of Tibetan singing bowl music, and as such, some types may serve you better than others. Today, most Tibetan singing bowl music is produced by Western practitioners or sound healers.

Traditionally, singing bowls were only meant to be struck by a mallet to mark time or accompany meditation in Buddhist temples. There is no proof that singing bowls were used beyond that in their early years. However, when singing bowls started to appear and become popular within Western societies in the late 20th century, music with singing bowls started to be recorded and shared. Now, you can find hundreds of videos of singing bowls being played on the internet.

Some artists and groups prefer to play the singing bowl accompanied by other percussion or string instruments. Others accompany the singing bowl with their voice. For example, one artist, Ashana, is a New Age vocalist known for combining the sounds of crystal singing bowls with her angelic voice as she sings or chants in Aramic, Arabic, Latin or Gaelic.

Ashana Sings “Ong Namo” Live at Sat Nam Fest (Crystal Bowls) via Spirit Voyage on YouTube
Ashana Sings “Ong Namo” Live at Sat Nam Fest (Crystal Bowls) via Spirit Voyage on YouTube

Singing bowls are frequently seen in mainstream culture today as instruments used in videos for “sleep sounds” or “study sounds.” In this case, singing bowls and their transcendental tones are used because of the intense focus and concentration they can bring about.

In these examples, singing bowls are often paired with other traditional “sleep sounds” or “study sounds,” such as rainfall, birds chirping, thunderstorms or bubbling water sounds. Some of the most popular sleep and study music on YouTube features singing bowl sounds!

More traditional singing bowl music may include songs that are made up of only singing bowl sounds. These songs may include the sounds of only one singing bowl that is either struck or played by rubbing a mallet around the rim of the singing bowl. Often times, it is a combination of these two methods of playing that make up one singing bowl song.

Sometimes, artists may play many singing bowls at one time! There are many instances of singing bowl concerts where multiple singing bowls are played by the artist or a group of players. Other instances of singing bowl music where more than one singing bowl is used is chakra cleansing. The seven primary chakras located in your body correspond to specific musical notes. There are singing bowls that are tuned to these specific notes. In a chakra cleansing meditation, seven singing bowls are used one at a time to cleanse each of the seven chakras.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Concert and Meditation with Mark Handler, a Tibetan Bowl Master
Tibetan Singing Bowl Concert and Meditation with Mark Handler, a Tibetan Bowl Master, via YouTube

Why Should you Listen to Singing Bowl Music?

Now that you are familiar with a few of the different types of singing bowl music, we want to share the benefits of listening to it. You may already be aware of the benefits of playing a singing bowl, which include everything from feeling relaxed, reducing stress, lowering blood pressure to improving your immune system. Listening to singing bowl music can also lead to these great benefits and more!

Because singing bowls are often paired with other powerful instruments or relaxation sounds, certain singing bowl music, such as the music used in sound baths, can provide an even greater level of relaxation. Sound baths are relaxation techniques most often used when meditating. Sound baths and singing bowls have been proven to lessen anxiety, stress and depression. The vibrations emitted from singing bowls have the ability to heal and calm the mind, reduce the perception of pain, lower blood pressure, reduce tension, anger and fatigue, as well as improve feelings of inner peace and relaxation while improving the symptoms of depression.

In summary, enjoying the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls can greatly improve your health and well-being!  

What are the Best Available Singing Bowl Music Recordings Found Online for Free?

In the modern age of the internet, there is no scarcity of free music to enjoy online and finding singing bowl music recordings is no different! Because there are so many options available, you may wonder which videos and recordings are the absolute best. We have done the work for you and compiled a list of the Top 11 Free Tibetan Singing Bowl Recordings. This list is a great introduction to singing bowls if you are new to them. But if you are a seasoned singing bowl practitioner, we are sure that there is something new for you to enjoy, too!

Top 11 Free Tibetan Singing Bowl Recordings

6 Hour Powerful TIbetan Bowl Music: Chakra Healing, Meditation Music, Relaxation Music 

This six hour long video by Yellow Brick Cinema on YouTube can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you are wishing to meditate, fall asleep or study, these calming sounds are here to help. Unlike many meditation videos on YouTube that mix many meditation sounds together, this video contains only the transcendental tones of Himalayan singing bowls. 

According to Yellow Brick Cinema, this particular track was influenced by Japanese, Indian, Tibetan and Shamanic meditation music. They suggest this track for anyone wanting to cleanse the chakras, meditate, relax, sleep or concentrate. The video features different images of nature as well as Buddhist and Hindu cultural sites and symbols. With over 3 million views since it was uploaded in 2015, this video is one of the most popular singing bowl videos on YouTube and for good reason!

528Hz Big Tibetan Singing Bowl Music for Healing & Meditation

This recording by Meditative Mind on YouTube is said to be based on one of the six main Solfeggio frequencies. Solfeggio frequencies, if you are not familiar with them, are said to make up an ancient musical scale that is used in most sacred music. Each of the six frequencies are said to contain the power to balance and harmonize your energy. The 528 Hz frequency in particular is associated with transformation and miracles as well as DNA repair.

Meditative Mind also suggests this track for anyone needing to balance and tune their Solar Plexus chakra. A little different from the previous recording, this one can best be described as a low, steady droning sound. This sound is known as the singing bowl’s resonance and is the sound you hear when a singing bowl is struck but the tone continues even after the mallet makes contact with the bowl.

This video has over 2 million views and is waiting for you to enjoy it! If you are interested in additional singing bowl videos that are based on the other Solfeggio frequencies, Meditative Mind has more videos that use all Solfeggio frequencies in one recording, as well as 417 Hz and 396 Hz frequencies.

Sleep Music: Peaceful Music with Tibetan Singing Bowls for Relaxation and Chakra Balancing

This recording by BuddhaTribe on YouTube combines the peaceful tones and resonance of Tibetan singing bowls with gongs and bubbling water sounds. This is the first recording on the list to feature water sounds and as such, we would like to make an important note on using water sounds in relaxation music as sometimes it appears to be a polarizing choice.

In particular, some people express a strong dislike for the inclusion of water sounds in music like this as sometimes it creates the urge to urinate, interrupting meditation or even sleep. If water sounds do not have a negative effect on you, there are many benefits to combining water sounds with meditation and other meditative sounds.

According to Jenny Marchal on Lifehack, listening to water and even looking at it can put our minds into a “relaxed and hypnotic-like state,” which leads to more “calm and creative states” and improves overall well-being. The sound of waves in particular has been found to actually alter the brain’s wave patterns. This alteration leads to a meditative, relaxed state which results in increased mental clarity, improved sleep patterns and decreased levels of depression, stress and anxiety. This combination, if it works for you, can truly create a peaceful and calming environment that can be used as sleep music, for meditation and sound therapy.

1 Hour of Chakra Balancing Tibetan Singing Bowls by Binaural Atmospheres

album cover one hour of chakra balancing tibetan singing bowl

If you are a Spotify user (it is free to create an account!), there are hundreds of singing bowl songs, albums and playlists to discover. One album we think is great is by Binaural Atmospheres. Released in 2019, this album consists of 26 songs, each of which are inspired by things found in nature. Many of the songs on this album combine singing bowl sounds with other meditative sounds such as soft bird chirping, rainfall, bubbling water and thunder.

With song names such as “Mystic Bird Song,” “Musical Nature,” “Pulsing Rain & Chill,” this album can help connect you to nature whether you are relaxing, resting or meditating. As the album name states, this is a chakra balancing album. If you are looking for a playlist that contains separate songs for separate chakras, keep reading! This album can be used on all seven chakras, and therefore is considered to be a more a general chakra balancing “tune up” recording. 

Quick 11 Minute Chakra Tune-Up with Himalayan Singing Bowls

If you are interested in singing bowl music that balances and cleanses chakras, here is another great recording! This video by YouTube user TempleSounds has over 3.5 million views and is very special for many people. Similar to the album above, this recording is meant for a short chakra tune-up. Different from the previous recording, however, is that you can focus on specific chakras depending on which bowl is being played in the video.

This 11 minute version of a chakra tune-up is a fast and effective way to balance and cleanse your seven primary chakras. Seven singing bowls are used in this video, one for each chakra. He begins with the largest singing bowl and decreases in size with each chakra. The first chakra to be adjusted in this meditation is the Root Chakra. The singing bowl is struck three times and then resonates. Once the resonance fades, it is struck one more time before moving on to the next chakra. This meditation ends with the highest chakra, the Crown Chakra. If you are looking for a longer version of this type of meditation, you are in luck! Check out the next recording on our list.

70 Minute 7 Chakra Meditation with 21 Antique Tibetan Singing Bowls

Created by the same user as above, this recording is a 70 minute version of the previous chakra balancing meditation. In this video, 21 Tibetan singing bowls are used to clear and harmonize each of the seven primary chakras. Once again, the meditation begins with cleansing the Root Chakra. He plays a number of different bowls and uses different techniques for each bowl. The video will indicate when it is time to focus on the next chakra but, if you prefer to listen rather than watch, each chakra cleansing lasts 10 minutes. 

Tibetan Bowls for Meditation, Natural Sounds, Pure Positive Vibes, Relaxation

This recording by Music for Body and Spirit on YouTube is excellent for someone looking for a video made with only Tibetan singing bowl sounds. The recording, which lasts for over two hours, was created with seven Tibetan bowls and four microphones. The singing bowls in this video produce a very relaxed, almost quiet resonance which is broken infrequently by the striking of one of the bowls. It is peaceful, calm and relaxing. Just like singing bowl sounds should be!

Tibetan Bowls Playlist by Spotify

spotify album cover tibetan bowls hand holding singing bowl and mallet

This Tibetan Bowls playlist is Spotify’s own! With over 70,000 followers, this is the most popular singing bowl playlist on this music streaming platform. Spotify’s own description reads: “A variety of soothing tones for healing meditation.” This variety includes water noises, other sound bathing instruments like tuning forks, chimes and gongs and different singing bowl playing techniques.

The playlist, which includes 28 songs lasting over 2.5 hours, features a mix of singing, resonance and striking at a variety of high to low pitches. A few artists that make up the playlist include: Elof Sunflower, Dakpa Nepali, Satorio, Dhayāna One and Phil Thornton. The variety found in this playlist would make it a great introductory resource for anyone wanting to incorporate the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls into their lives!

Singing Bowl Meditation Music Playlist by Sounds True

sounds true album cover singing bowl meditation music

The Singing Bowl Meditation Music Playlist by Sounds True, the last Spotify playlist on our list, includes 17 songs for a total length of 2 hours and 48 minutes. The playlist has over 3,000 followers on Spotify and features music by artists such as Diane Mandle, Tryshe Dhevney, Ashana and Satorio. According to Sounds True, this “soothing mix of infinite rhythms” provides the perfect environment for a meditative practice. In addition to singing bowl sounds, some of the songs of this playlist include chanting, OM vocalizations, birds chirping and string instruments. Some of our favorites from this playlist include: “Expand 2”, “Breaking Light” and “Sounds of the Bowl.” 

Tibetan Bowls Relaxation Music for Stress Relief, Meditation, Yoga, Studying or Sleep 

The longest recording on our list, clocking in at 10 hours, was made by YouTube user Relaxing White Noise. According to the recording’s description, this video is perfectly suitable for clearing your mind and finding peace with the soothing tones and rich harmonics of the Tibetan singing bowl. With its long length, this video is great for studying or sleeping! The singing bowl sounds in this video can best be described as soft, subtle striking sounds of different pitches alternating between high, medium and low tones. The playing patterns are repeated ensuring a steady, peaceful background noise for meditating or studying.

Qi Music Meditation for Balance Himalayan Singing Bowls

The last recording on our list is a little different from the others but, with almost 2.5 million views on YouTube, it certainly deserves to be mentioned!

Perhaps you have heard of ASMR, also known as autonomous sensory meridian response. According to, ASMR describes a “feeling of euphoric tingling and relaxation that can come over someone when he or she watches certain videos or hears certain sounds.” There are thousands of ASMR videos on the internet but one YouTuber, WhispersRed ASMR, has started making ASMR videos with Tibetan singing bowls. She describes the video as a “massage for your mind.”

The video is a combination of ASMR speaking and music meditation using singing bowls and other instruments like a Tingsha (small cymbal), a Kabolonga Waterfall Nut Shaker and a wooden ball shaker. This is definitely a different kind of singing bowl recording but it is worth listening to as the effect it has on you may be surprising! If you are interested in only the musical sounds, skip to 4:09 to bypass the softly spoken explanation she gives at the beginning of the video.

What is the Best Way to Enjoy Singing Bowl Music?

Although we have identified the top 11 singing bowl music recordings available online, it is important to note that there is no better way to benefit from the wonderful sounds of the singing bowl than to have your own bowl. Owning your own singing bowl or having access to one is the best way to experience the transformational effects and good vibrations that singing bowls emit.

Robert Lee, owner of the meditation company Human Activation, says that listening to recordings of Tibetan singing bowls is “nowhere near the same experience as hearing [them] live.” So even though online recordings are a great option in a pinch or while traveling, the best way to enjoy a Tibetan singing bowl is to have your very own bowl. Having your own bowl gives you control over the type of sounds you hear and how long you want to hear them. Additionally, with a physical singing bowl you will be able to feel the vibrations of the bowl on your body which leads to even greater relaxation and healing.

Even though owning a singing bowl is the best way to enjoy their transcendental tones, we hope you have enjoyed our guide and added some new songs to your everyday listening or meditations. 

We invite you to get your own Tibetan singing bowl or crystal singing bowl today! Happy playing and happy healing! 

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