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tongue drum
tongue drum tongue drum


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You will fall in love with this beautiful tongue drum! Tongue drums produce beautiful music which invokes deep meditative and peaceful states. They are often used in meditation music, yoga practice and sound therapy.

Tongue drums are an excellent instrument for anyone wishing to get creative, enjoy beautiful melodies and relax. They can be enjoyed by anyone at nearly any age. This tongue drum has 8 tones which are naturally tuned to the G note, making it very versatile and suitable for playing a variety of relaxing melodies.

To learn more about tongue drums, check out our guide on the subject here: Tongue Drums: Complete Guide.

This tongue drum is approximately 6 inches (15 centimetres) in diameter and 3.5 inches (9.5 centimetres) high. The drum weighs approximately 1.39 pounds (0.63 kilograms). It is black and made from high quality titanium alloy steel. It comes with two wooden and rubber mallets, a mallet holder, special fingers clips so that you can play the drum using your fingers instead of the mallets, fabric carrying bag and music book containing instructions to play a variety of different melodies.

As a unique artisan creation, your tongue drum may have slight imperfections and vary slightly from photos shown.

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